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Get Smart About Content

This year, I attended my third Podcamp Boston which is always a great, affordable opportunity to learn and network from some of the smartest web marketing people in the area.

One of the great things about Podcamps is how attendees are empowered to shape the conference in a way that makes it most valuable to them, whether it’s by creating ad hoc sessions or how many presenters actively turn to members of the audience to enhance the discussion with their questions and input. Last year, Katie Cohen and I ran an ad hoc discussion about content strategy, which was a fun and fulfilling exercise. I came away resolved to propose a formal session this year — and I did!

I described my session, “Get Smart About Content,” to some people as “content strategy lite,” covering the high level principles of ensuring your content is sustainable, useful and goal-driven.

It was a great session, made great (in true Podcamp fashion) by the smart questions and helpful insights shared by the (packed!) room. Thanks to everyone who participated. Below, I’ve shared the slides (enhanced with some additional details) as well as a Storify of some of the key points tweeted during the session. Thanks, Podcamp organizers, for the great opportunity!

UPDATE: Thanks to Jess Faulk of Simmons College for recording the session!

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