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Ignite Spatial: Experience is the New Place

On March 24, I had the pleasure of speaking at Ignite Spatial. My presentation — “Experience is the New Place: The Next Evolution of Check-Ins” — was more or less a roundup of the ideas I began exploring in my “Checking In” blog series.

The event was great. GIS is outside my expertise and comfort level, so it was pretty fascinating to hear a majority of presentations that delved into the more technical aspects of space and place.

I learned about an awesome 3-D mapping initiative for Washington D.C. (and the hazards of driving around the nation’s capital in a vehicle with a camera mounted to the roof), how a citizen armed with data and the internet can affect civic change amidst the snowiest winter in recent memory, how members of the GIS field are using social media to learn and connect with colleagues, what some of my colleagues at Tufts are doing to create an Open GIS portal and how citizens can become urban mechanics and gain a sense of ownership of their neighborhoo with the help of an app called SeeClickFix.

Kudos to Guido Stein for organizing yet another awesome Ignite event. We were joking that his next event needs to be an Ignite Ignite, where we’ll all give five minute, 20-slide talks about delivering Ignite talks! You never know, it could happen…

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